Noise Mitigation

marine mammal monitoring

Cetacean monitoring personnel and equipment are utilised aboard client vessels for offshore activities where underwater noise is generated. Marine mammals are protected in the UK, and mitigation measures should be employed during operations that may cause harm, such as:

  • seismic survey
  • wind farm construction
  • piling operations
  • underwater explosives
  • underwater cutting
  • harbour expansion works
  • bridge construction works


Our Experience

We provide personnel and equipment aboard client vessels

  • 1.MMO

    Marine Mammal Observers – Our MMO’s are experienced seafarers with full JNCC training, offshore survival and medical certification.

  • 2.PAM

    Passive Acoustic Monitoring – PAM equipment allows monitoring during hours of darkness, and poor visibility. Experienced personnel are provided to operate the PAM equipment.

  • 3.ADD

    Acoustic Deterrent Device – ADD equipment emits a high frequency noise that deters seals from entering an area where operations will take place. Trained personnel are supplied to operate the ADD equipment.


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