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Seabed Clearance

marine mammal monitoring

Our purpose-built, heavy-duty clearance solution works to clear debris from the seabed, and can be utilised for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • decommissioning site clearance
  • 500m safety zone clearance
  • pipeline clearance
  • cable route clearance
  • marine salvage operations

Our Experience

Our solution is versatile, easily deployed, and quick to mobilise.

  • 1.Decommissioning

    Clearance during the final site remediation stages of decommissioning. To simplify the debris clearance process, clearing many of the items that are usually picked up by diver and ROV in large area sweeps.

  • 2.Cable Route Clearance

    Cable route clearance for renewable energy cable lay operations. We can also carry out pre-clearance survey works to assess seabed condition and composition.

  • 3.Marine Salvage

    Recovering debris that has fallen during marine salvage operations, when items break up during lifting.


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