Marine Survey

inshore and offshore survey

We carry out a range of marine survey activities from small, quick to mobilise vessels:

  • inshore ROV
  • seabed sampling
  • grab sampling
  • offshore ROV
  • drop-down camera survey
  • multi-beam survey

Our Experience

Survey solutions for seabed analysis and visual monitoring purposes.

  • 1.ROV Survey

    We can deploy small ROV for inshore and offshore survey and monitoring activities.

  • 2.Seabed Sampling

    Seabed sampling activities to assess ground state pre-lay of pipes and cables, or pre-installation of offshore infrastructure.

  • 3.Multi-Beam Survey

    Multi-beam sonar is used to survey site for various purposes. We can use smaller vessels for lower cost deployment, and gain access to areas unavailable to a larger vessel.


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