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Noise Mitigation

Marine Mammals

Noisy underwater activities can be harmful for marine mammals. Take steps to avoid any unnecessary injury.

Marine Survey


Including inshore ROV survey, seabed sampling, grab sampling, drop down camera, and multi-beam sonar.

Seabed Clearance

Debris Clearance

Clearance for pipe and cable lay routes, removal of post-decommissioning seabed debris, and marine salvage works.

Marine Support


Environmental monitoring and marine consultancy assistance during planning stages ensures conditions are optimum.

MES provides environmental services for the offshore energy and marine industries: oil and gas; offshore wind and renewables; subsea cables; telecommunications; marine salvage

Working to protect

the marine environment

The ocean is our greatest natural resource, covering more than 70% of the earth’s surface. Heat, acidity, pollution, and human interaction all threaten marine life, while the global need for energy drives continued offshore activity. The energy sector must work harder than ever to reduce its impact on the marine environment, and MES works right alongside industry, providing a range of services including marine mammal monitoring, inshore and offshore survey, planning support, environmental monitoring, and seabed clearance. Just get in touch to find out how we can help.

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