Noise Mitigation

Seabed Clearance

Marine Survey

Marine Support

Noise Mitigation

Monitoring the movements of protected species during offshore operations - inshore and seismic survey, harbour expansion, construction and piling through the provision of Marine Mammal Observers and Passive Acoustic Monitoring and Acoustic Deterrent Device Operatives.

Seabed Clearance

We offer an effective debris clearance solution and a convenient all-in-one clearance to verification package. Debris is handled from pick up to reuse, recycle and/or disposal.

Marine Survey

We carry out a range of onshore and offshore marine survey operations, including: multi beam and side scan sonar, drop down camera survey, remote operating vehicle, magnometer cable route survey and seabed sampling.

Marine Support

Environmental monitoring in advance of oil and gas or renewable developments, or where conditions of consent apply. We can also support various environmental studies including fisheries, bird and benthic.

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Providing environmental services for the offshore energy and marine industries: oil and gas, offshore wind and renewables, subsea cables, telecommunications, and marine salvage.

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Our Services

We provide specialised offshore and marine services to organisations across the globe.

Helping you meet your regulatory requirements through the provision of Marine Mammal Observers, Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operatives and Acoustic Deterrent Devices. 

Assisting your final stage decommissioning activities using our own modified trawl, Drag.NET, to remove seabed debris. 

Offering bespoke data collection and reporting consultancy via our experienced personnel to support your environmental studies. 

Providing support to your inshore and offshore survey work by supplying our multi-purpose, cost-effective range of vessels.

About Us

A subsidiary of SFF Services Ltd, Marine Environmental Solutions was founded in 2019 to bring our successful environmental services to the global energy market.

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