Vessel and Personnel Services

Providing cost-effective vessel and personnel services for the energy and other marine industries, we combine extensive knowledge and experience of UKCS waters, with an unrivalled speed of response.

Noise Mitigation
Seabed Clearance
Marine Survey
Marine Support
Fisheries Observer

Noise Mitigation

We advise on the requirements for compliance with regulations for the protection of marine mammals during offshore operations. We also provide certified and experience personnel, and the necessary equipment for your project.
  • Marine Mammal Observer (MMO): visual observation during daylight hours.
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM): observation during hours of darkness and low visibility.

  • Acoustic Deterrent Device (ADD): equipment to deter mammals from entering an area.

Seabed Clearance

Our Drag.NET service was developed for the oil and gas industry with final stage decommissioning debris removal in mind, this seabed clearance solution has the following applications.

Drag.NET is a modified trawl net, specially adapted to catch marine debris. It can support with debris clearance, trawl sweep and clearance verification operations, making it a convenient all-in-one package. 

Drag.NET is a cost-effective solution that minimises environmental impact and is made with 100% recyclable materials. 

  • Site remediation work
  • 500m safety zone clearance
  • Pipeline corridor clearance
  • Cable corridor clearance
  • Site clearance

Marine Survey

We have a dedicated inshore survey vessel, as well as access to other smaller vessels that are quick to mobilise and demobilise, making us a lower cost, lower carbon alternative to larger vessel hire.

We have inshore and offshore marine survey capabilities which include:

  • Multi-beam sonar
  • Side scan sonar
  • Drop-down camera survey
  • ROV
  • Magnometer
  • Cable route survey
  • Seabed sampling
  • Ornithology studies

Marine Support

We provide support during pre-planning and operational stages, working with your team to highlight potential areas of concern. We carry out bespoke data collection, reporting and environmental studies and sampling to support your project. Our services include:

Our Services include:

  • Gathering Fisheries, Fishing Intensity and Marine Traffic Data
  • Environmental Monitoring

Other support services include:

  • Oil Spill Response: oil spill boom and dispersant deployment for oil containment, actual oil spill recovery, and monitoring and sampling activities.

  • Technology Deployment: cost-effective vessel hire options for drone, AUV and ROV deployment with fast mob/demob.

Fisheries Observer

We can tailor a proposal to your specific data requirements using mutually agreed scientific protocols.

We are open to requests for the provision of fisheries observers on a commercial basis for onshore, inshore or offshore data collection for projects that do not fall within the scope of the Independent Fisheries Science Support Scheme (IFSSS). 

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