Seismic survey – MES wins AGS support work

MES has been awarded a contract from Axxis Geo Solutions (AGS) for the provision of offshore personnel during seismic survey operations.

MES will provide Marine Mammal Observation (MMO) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) equipment and personnel to detect cetacean activity during seismic survey operations. Personnel will be deployed on-board client vessels, and will carry out all required JNCC recordings and reporting to meet regulations.

PAM monitoring takes over during times of darkness or reduced visibility

The role of the MMO is to be present during offshore operations to identify and help monitor marine mammals during daylight hours, while additional acoustic (PAM) monitoring increases the likelihood of detection where visual monitoring is not possible

Personnel will provide advice to ensure that operations comply with relevant guidelines. If marine mammals enter an exclusion zone, before or during operations, the MMO advises whether works should be delayed until the animals are at a safe distance.

The period of services runs from mid-June to mid-October, or until operations are complete.

Our offshore personnel are experienced, and familiar with the North Sea environment

Steven Alexander, Managing Director of Marine Environmental Solutions commented: “This is an exciting contract win for MES. We are pleased with the confidence that AGS has placed in our services – our personnel are experienced, and familiar with the North Sea environment, factors which we believe strengthened our bid. We look forward to a successful partnership on this and future projects.”

In addition to marine mammal mitigation MES provides a range of inshore and offshore marine services, including seabed clearance, marine survey, environmental monitoring, marine consultancy, and bespoke data collection.

Contact the MES operations team to discuss your project requirements.

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